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Vapsi Nature

Disposable Vapes


Vapsi Nature is the first disposable vape pen of the Vapsi brand. Klein Blue is really eye-catching. It is a slim and portable puff-to-vape device that carries a 550mAh battery. Comes with 3.2 ml pre-filled e-liquid supporting 12 flavors including Caramel Tobacco 3%, Grape Ice 3%, Cool Mint 3%, and so on.  All these flavors are only using natural-derived ingredients e-liquid, which is suitable for just-switching vapors. And the ice flavors will give you a soothing icy undertone on exhale. If you pay attention to it, when you inhale, you can notice that the sweet candy will precede first, then be followed up by an authentic icy burst. This is a great one for those who both love the cooling flavor and have a sweet tooth. And there are 2 nicotine-free flavors, it is perfect to help you quit smoking!


Vapsi Nature Feature & Specifications

  • Brand: Vapsi

  • Pre-Filled: 3.2mL

  • Puff: Up to 1200 Puffs

  • Internal Battery: 550mAh

  • Pre-charged, simply puff on the device to activate

  • Pre-filled, no need for messy refills

  • Salt Nicotine: 3% nicotine salt & Nicotine-free flavors

  • Length: 100mm

  • Wattage: 10W

Vapsi Nature Flavors

  • Green Apple 0%  (Nicotine-free disposable vape flavor)

  • Energy Drink Ice 0% (Nicotine-free disposable vape flavor)

  • Caramel Tobacco 3%

  • Grape Ice 3% – A classic grape & sweet flavor finished with a hint of ice

  • Cool Mint 3% – Pure Mint flavor gives you a cooling sensation of menthol

  • Mango Ice 3% – Delivering the mouthwatering flavors of ripe mango with a hint of ice

  • Pink Lemonade 3%

  • Strawberry Ice Cream 3%

  • Cola 3%

  • Watermelon Ice 3% – A fresh mild watermelon flavor finished with a hint of ice

  • Blueberry Ice 3% – A tangy blueberry flavor finished with a hint of ice

  • Strawberry Pomegranate 3%




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