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With a compact design weighing 62g and measuring 78.8mm by 52mm by 17.6mm, Suorin Drop 2, is only one-third of an ordinary cell phone. The water-drop curves on the device and the pod shape make it perfect in the palm of the user’s hand!

Drop 2 has a more beautiful body pattern that integrates world-famous paintings and modern popular elements. Till now, it has launched “Peacock Plume”, “Yellow Amber”, ”Red Amber”,  “The Scream”, and so on.  Setting off a visual storm in the e-cigarette market. It is pretty cool and beautiful!

(kits and compatible accessories also available)*


Refillable Rechargeable Devices


Suorin Air Pro design: Small and Slim as you like


Compact with 96mm in length by 45mm in Width by 12.7mm in Height, Suorin Air Pro continues the classic card design with the typical symbol of Suorin Air pod system. It is a slim and compact portable, and its incorporating flowing lines make it more comfortable for hands.

(kits and compatible accessories also available)*


Refillable Rechargeable Devices


Dual Activation Mode


This device features a dual mode to activate the device, it can both draw and button fire-activation. That means, it can be button activated or draw activated. Both can start to vape easily and bring you a stable experience. What’s more, it is using the Laval nozzle airway design for better heat distribution. Air Pro device can take away more heat by speeding up the airflow. Therefore, it can have a longer service life than any other pod. 

5 Security Protection Systems


Furthermore, it features 5 device protection systems

1. Open Circuit Protection

2. 5s Vaping Protection

3. Short Circuit Protection

4. Low voltage protection

5. Overcharge protection: By shutting off charging when the battery is full, you’ll maintain its lifespan for longer.

Suorin Air Pro Charging


This Pod kit is rechargeable. It comes with a USB cable for charging and it also can be set on the pogo charging dock, with no extra plugin required. Just put it down to charge and pick it up whenever you need it.

Suorin Air Pro Color Choices


Magical colors are beautifully crafted within the zinc-alloy texture, providing a metallic hand feel and attractive appearance. Suorin provides many charming color choices, especially the Rainbow, Faded Skeleton, Ice Blue, Lavender Purple, Cherry Blossom, and Galaxy Green…make it the shining star out of ordinary.


Refillable Rechargeable Devices


Carrying the Suorin Air series’ design, Suorin Air Mini comes with a body of aluminum alloy, it is clean and elegant showing a high-end and exquisite texture! It is the real mini vision of Suorin Air pro, and the smallest vape pod of Suorin!


Suorin Air Mini – Minimalist Design, Easy To Carry

With its compact design weighing in at 72g and measuring 32.3mm by 13.7mm by 75mm, small as a cigarette lighter. It will be filled comfortably and perfectly in your hands.

Suorin Air mini is composed of a vape pod system body and a replacement pod cartridge. On the front of the body, there is an RGB LED light, which is incorporated a laser engraved micro-perforation design. It is used for indicating the battery capacity left. When you install the device with its cartridge, it will flash to show the battery power status. And when you are vaping, it will also light to show you the capacity left. Head down to check while vaping, you can know your battery capacity left directly!

(kits and compatible accessories also available)*


At the body side edges, there is 1 airflow hole on each side. Dual separate inhale airflows greatly enhance the inhale stability! And the USB Type-C port for charging is at the bottom. There is no fire button, this is strictly an auto drawer device. Just vape to activate it!

Suorin Air Mini Cartridge Design

Suorin Air mini cartridge is not a replaceable coil atomizer. But it used the 1-ohm mesh coil inside the pod system, which can support users to get a very wonderful vaping taste even for a few days’ use!  It is using the PCTG edible materials, the heat resistance of PCTG material can greatly prevent burning your mouth while vaping.

The mouthpiece area though is pure black which blocks the inside view, but the rest of the pod is slightly transparent besides its capacity there. Its cartridge capacity is 2ml. And there is a min e-liquid level line. When the oil is below the mini line, there is an increasing burning risk. The burned coil can’t deliver the best of taste.

Leak-resistant with Innovative Design

There is a silicone gasket around the airflow area where the pod meets the device to minimize flow leakage. The drip tip and pod cartridge are tightly fitted to prevent misuse by children.

The innovative top oiling design can effectively prevent oil leakage by simply turning the oil-filled oil compartment upside down for a few seconds. Compared with Clapton coils, the mesh coil through faster ramp-up brings you bigger clouds and a richer taste, exciting your taste buds and throat.

Suorin Air Mini Battery and Charging

Although with the mini size, the Suorin Air mini is equipped with a 430mAh battery. It is can support 48-hour usage. And its charging current is 1000mA, it can be fully charged within 30 min. Therefore, you needn’t worry about the mini body power that will cause your daily use!

To avoid oil contamination and inhalation, please shake the pod after each top-filling to get rid of the oil in the airway and stand for 2 min. Check more reviews!


Atomizer Capacity: 2ml

Coil Resistance: 1.0Ω

Max Output: 14W

Battery Capacity: 430mAh

Material: Aluminum alloy + PCTG

Charging Interface: Type-C

Kit Package Includes:

 Suorin Air Mini Kit X 1

Type-C Cable X 1

Product Postcard X 1

 User Manual X 1



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